Using the App

To create an account:

  1. Go to the app store and download the Churchome app.
  2. After answering a few questions, click “Sign Up” and enter your name, email, and password, or connect using Facebook or Gmail.
  3. To view your profile or edit your account information, select the profile icon in the upper right.

Churchome is a Christian church led by pastors Judah and Chelsea Smith. In 2015, Churchome felt called by God to build a church without walls to serve our community in the digital age – a community that people could access from anywhere, to practice their faith everywhere. Our answer to that call is Churchome: a borderless community and modern faith practice that welcomes all to connect with God and discover inspiration for their daily lives.

Guided Prayer is an experience that leads you to true connection with God. Guided Prayers are rooted in the Bible and modeled on the tenets of The Lord’s Prayer: surrender, worship, and compassion.

There are new Guided Prayers on the app daily, and you can also find our favorites on the Featured tab or tap on Search to find what you need by topic.

Create a Guided Prayer playlist by favoriting prayers on the Home screen. Favorites display in My Profile.

The Lobby is a place where Churchome users can discuss Guided Prayers with community or greet each other before church. Please join us for a deeper connection. It is our hope that everyone engages with each other and finds friends and community on the app, no matter where you’re joining from.

The Pray tab is our home for community prayer. We invite anyone to submit prayer requests to our community and encourage you to pray for others who have submitted prayer requests. When you submit a prayer request on behalf of yourself, you may choose to be named or to remain anonymous.

Every day, our team and users of the app can pray for those who have submitted prayer requests.

Please navigate to Search in the app to find all of our messages, including ChurchKids messages, music videos, faith classes taught by Judah, and more! There is so much there to help you on your spiritual journey.

Badges are a fun way to help our users form a daily spiritual practice and share the experience with each other. To learn more about the badges you can earn, simply click on the badges in My Profile and select “All the badges I can earn.”

Churchome is a global community. You can download our app from anywhere in the world to join us. While currently all of our content is in English, we hope to add translations over time. Our goal is to make Churchome fully accessible to as many people as possible, including through language updates, so stay tuned.

Groups & Messaging

Pastor Chat is a way to speak to our Churchome team directly. You can ask questions about faith, the Bible, our community, and more. We’ll provide answers as soon as and as best as we can!

We have a team of trained pastors at the ready to answer your questions, offer prayer support, recommend resources, and connect you with community.

Please remember that the staff on this team are not doctors, therapists, trained theologists, etc.; they are just passionate people who hope to point you to a deeper relationship with God and Churchome.

No. Pastor Chat is supported by trained pastors who can help encourage you, pray for you, and recommend resources and materials for you, but it is not a substitute for professional counseling.

Our team is staffed from Sunday: 6:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Thursday: 7:00am - 9:00pm, Friday: 7:00am - 5:00pm, all the listed times are in Pacific Time. We are closed on Saturdays. At active times when we may have lot of chats to answer, it may take us some time to get back to you, but we'll respond to your message as soon as we can. We will try our hardest to chat with you in real-time as much as we can. To help us connect in real-time as much as possible, please be sure to have push notifications turned on in your app settings.

Users who are mutually “connected” can message each other in the app. You can find the “Connect” button on a user’s profile page. If two users connect with each other, they are able to directly message one another. A user is also able to message you if you pray for them in the Pray section.

All Churchome staff can be messaged on the app.

If you no longer want a user to contact you, please select “Block User” from the “More User Actions” link on their profile.

At this time, you cannot start a group on the app. If you are already part of a group, you may find your groups in My Profile. Updates to group functionality are currently in the works and will be coming soon.

Please email groups@churchome.org with any additional questions on how to lead a group.

Church & Events

We offer church services every Sunday to our global community on the app at 6am, 9am, 12pm and 3pm Pacific Time. Before church, we invite you to meet other users in The LobbyThe Lobby on the app.

Church is led by pastors Judah and Chelsea Smith, Churchome staff pastors, or selected guest speakers. In addition to weekly Church, our app offers exclusive worship sessions, specialized content for kids and youth, inspirational live events and classes and content to encourage spiritual growth.

WWe want to make Churchome as accessible as possible. While attending a live event in person is a truly special experience, the idea behind the Churchome app is to offer an equally important experience, accessible to you when you need it.

For users who aren’t able to come to our physical church, we’ve created exclusive worship sessions and interactive features for our digital church experience. These are pre-recorded each week and released on a regular schedule.

Before our digital church events, we welcome our users to gather in our live digital lobby. In The Lobby, you can meet and mingle in community chat rooms. The Lobby is available to provide the same sense of community that exists at our physical locations. It is our hope that everyone engages with each other and finds friends and community on the app, no matter where you’re joining from.

Giving & Security

In order to provide ongoing services to our community and fund our outreach efforts, we depend on the generous support of our community through donated funds, time, services, and more. If you are able to contribute, we are very grateful for whatever you can give.

You can navigate to Give to donate. In addition, anywhere in our app that you see this symbol test, you can select to donate.

Ways to give:

  1. You can give one time or set up recurring gifts. Donating recurring gifts on a monthly basis is one of the most productive ways to support all ongoing church activities and outreach. All gifts are welcome and deeply appreciated.
  2. You can donate directly to our Uplift events or campaigns, through which we raise money for a specific cause.
  3. You are also always invited to donate during or after church and during live events.

You can manage your donations by clicking the Give tab in the navigation bar of the app. This will direct you to our giving platform, Pushpay.

When you donate to the Churchome general fund with a onetime or recurring gift, your money goes directly to Churchome and is used to effectively support all ongoing Churchome activities.

If you donate to an Uplift campaign, your donation will be used only for the designated Uplift cause.

Transparency and responsibility with funding are core to our values as a church. If you’d like to see a breakdown of how Churchome allocates its resources, please find additional information here: https://churchome.org/giving.

If you’d like to see how funds are used when donated directly to Churchome, you can find additional information here: https://churchome.org/giving. We update this information annually.

If you’d like to see how funds are used when donated directly to Churchome, you can find additional information here: https://pushpay.com.

Yes. Churchome is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. You will receive receipts and an annual statement for your records that you can utilize on your tax return for deductions.

Community Involvement,
Moderation & Reporting

We would love your help! If you’d like to get involved, you can volunteer your time and expertise digitally or at a location. To find out more about volunteer opportunities, visit https://churchome.org/volunteer.

Churchome cares deeply about the safety and comfort of our global community, which is why we have spent time outlining our Community Guidelines here.

Additionally, we provide tools to our community to report any behavior that falls outside of our guidelines. We encourage people to report anything they find that breaks our standards of respectful discourse by flagging offensive comments or abusive users. If you block a user, that user will be blocked from messaging you. Users can also report groups that they feel are not in line with our community guidelines or are misleading in any way.

There are two ways that you can draw attention to individuals who are not behaving appropriately on the app:

  1. Content:You can flag a comment or prayer that you think is inappropriate by selecting the “Report” button. An alert will be sent to Churchome staff to review, and if a pattern emerges with a particular individual then we will take the necessary further action to keep our community safe.
  2. User:If a user makes you feel unsafe, bullied, or harassed in any way, you can report them by visiting their profile, tapping on “More User Actions” and selecting “Report User Behavior”. Please note:
    1. Churchome will investigate reports and may choose to take additional actions such as removing individuals from the app at our discretion.
    2. If you no longer want a user to contact you, please select “Block User” from the “More User Actions” link on their profile.

You can also “Report a Group” from the Group Page (read more about this in the Group FAQ section).

You can give feedback to Churchome by selecting Feedback in the Settings menu on My Profile. All feedback is greatly appreciated and reviewed carefully by our teams as we continue to develop the app.