Churchome Community Guidelines


Churchome is a global community where all are welcome to experience Jesus and find inspiration. We have a diverse community and celebrate our differences.

Our mission is to bring community to people everywhere, improve their daily lives, invite them to get to know Jesus, and make a positive change in the world.

In order to foster a healthy community, we recognize the importance of a safe environment where people can respectfully express themselves. To create this space, we have developed Community Guidelines that outline what is and is not allowed on Churchome. Please read below for more information on how we maintain our standards of respect and openness.

Reporting a User

Churchome is a large and diverse community, and we invite and encourage our global family to help us ensure an experience that is safe and appropriate. If you see content that violates any of our guidelines, you can:

  1. Please flag the comment by hitting the Report button.
  2. Our team will be notified and review the complaint.
  3. We will take appropriate further action accordingly.

Report a user, or a group, if you feel there is flagrant abuse of our guidelines. This is a more extreme approach than flagging, so use it at your discretion.

  1. Report a user or group by hitting the Report button under “More User Actions” in their public profile.
  2. If you report a user, that user will be blocked from messaging you.
  3. We will review reports as quickly as possible. If appropriate, users and groups may be removed from our app.

You can also provide any feedback by selecting FEEDBACK from the navigation menu in the Churchome app.


Churchome is a place of respect and compassion. If a user’s behavior is creating an unsafe or abusive environment for others, that user is in violation of our Community Guidelines and may be subject to blocking or removal from our app. By downloading or using Churchome, you agree to abide by our guidelines. We encourage all users to review our guidelines below.

We do not allow content that incites or celebrates violence or criminal acts against any person or group. We also prohibit content that encourages crime or abuse of animals or property.

While we recognize that some violent or sensitive content may be used for well-intentioned outcomes, like raising awareness, we ask you to exercise judgment in posting any potentially upsetting content, and to only do so with ample context provided.

In order to prevent any harm that may be associated with the content on Churchome, we will remove any abusive content as quickly as possible. We may also remove users at our own discretion, and we will coordinate and cooperate with law enforcement when we believe there is a credible risk of violence.

Our community is one of peace and compassion. We do not allow, and will actively remove, any individual or organization that engages in destructive or hateful acts or speech, or content in support of any of these organizations or individuals. Theise include but are not limited to:

  1. Terrorism
  2. Hate speech or organized hate crimes
  3. Violence of any kind against individuals
  4. Human trafficking
  5. Organized violence or criminal activity

You may not promote any illegal activity, whether violent or nonviolent. Content depicting or promoting violence, theft, fraud, or any other crimes will be removed, and you may be removed from the app at our discretion for posting this type of content. We also do not allow users to admit to criminal activity or make criminal allegations against others. Coordinating, abetting, or otherwise facilitating any future crime on our app is also prohibited.

In an effort to comply with common legal restrictions, you may not use the app in any way to purchase, sell, gift, or exchange any regulated goods such as pharmaceutical drugs, marijuana, firearms, ammunition, etc.

We are a community of kindness. While we welcome diverse perspectives, we do not tolerate bullying, harassment, or cruelty under any circumstances. We will remove content that purposely targets individuals or groups with abusive or demeaning language or behavior.

While we reserve the right to take action at our discretion, engaging in respectful heated debate does not qualify as harassment. We define harassment as any behavior that can reasonably be viewed as harmful. This includes both one time and systematic targeting of individuals or groups in ways that are abusive and make that individual or group feel unsafe at Churchome.

Churchome has a zero tolerance policy for hate speech. Any speech that deliberately targets, intimidates, excludes, or promotes violence against a protected group will be removed, and individuals engaging in hate speech will be removed from our app.

Protected characteristics include race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, and serious disease or disability. Any attack on a person or group based on these characteristics is considered hate speech. Attacks include violent or dehumanizing speech or behavior, or calls for exclusion or segregation.

We welcome and encourage our users to speak openly and without fear or shame about their experiences, including emotional criseis and mental health issues, to both raise awareness and seek help in our community. We do not allow content that promotes or encourages suicide or self-harm.

We will remove any content that we feel creates an unsafe environment or actively promotes self-injury. We define this as any intentional injury to the body, such as an eating disorder, or self-mutilation.

If you are having suicidal thoughts or self-harming, you can seek help at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at

Churchome prohibits without exception any content that depicts or seems to depict in a sexual or suggestive way a minor or someone who appears to be underage. Any and all content that could be interpreted as child pornography, child sex abuse content, or content of any kind such as fantasy stories or anime that includes pedophiliac or exploitative content will be removed and reported.

Victims of sexual violence and exploitation are welcome to share and heal without shame at Churchome. Our community is here to support you, and we will not remove respectful and contextualized discussions on these topics.

Our standard for this type of content or discussion is always prioritizing the safety and protection of our community. Any content that we deem intimidating or, exploitative, or that promotes sexual violence or harassment, will be removed. We also do not allow pornographic images or content, such as images or videos depicting nudity or sexual acts.

We require our users to respect one another’s privacy and reasonably protect each other’s safety. You may not post another person’s private or identifying information such as social security numbers, passwords, addresses, or any links or personal details that could facilitate identity theft or threaten personal safety. We will permanently ban anyone posting this type of information from our app.

We encourage our community to participate and to create relevant, respectful, and authentic content at Churchome. Any content we determine to be spam or misrepresentative, such as repetitive or untargeted posts or messages, fraudulent content or false advertising, or otherwise unwanted content will be removed.

In order to encourage accountability and authenticity at Churchome, we require our users to create a profile with their real names. If we suspect an account to be falsely represented or a duplicate under a false identity, we may choose to remove that account from our app.